The Space Between: What to do between Thanksgiving and Winter Break

Many teachers struggle with the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break. The challenge and the question persists, What can I get done in a short period of time that students won’t forget when they come back from an extended vacation? The answer is pretty simple, something absolutely different and fun.

The Fessy boys come with a ton of energy to each class, but it’s even crazier when the classes are sandwiched between two major vacations. Mr. Sanborn and Ms. Smith were willing to take a chance on a new project in their classes. With the help of ATAs, they put together a robotics unit that the boys love and find really challenging.

Here are some of the resources and expectations behind the unit:

Project Guidelines

Programming Checklist

Parking Space Challenge

EV3 Tutorials

The science classes have been flipped with videos pertaining to programming and robotics for homework, and work on their own robots during the class period. At the end of the unit the boys will compete in a grade wide challenge in front of the whole Middle School.


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