5th Grade Science Students Adapting Birds

Fifth grade science students are in the midst of considering “What makes birds survive?” One option boys can elect to explore is a Total Bird Redesign. In this option, boys select a Fessenden feeder bird and relocate it to an area with a more extreme climate and geography.  After researching the new location’s features, they redesign the bird with adaptations that will enable it to survive in its new location.  Boys are using TinkerCAD to create a 3D model of the new bird, which will then be printed and painted.  All phases of the project will be laid out in a Google presentation.

I’ve been interviewing boys like Henry and Will (see video above) about their ideas for adaptations, and have been impressed with how well they express their rationale, their understanding of the domino effect of one adaptation forcing another, and the physical representations they’re creating on TinkerCAD.   It’s awesome to watch the boys run through many iterations of their birds and ideas in a short period of time, most choosing to collaborate with a partner and pushing the speed at which they develop their ideas.  Stay tuned to see the finished products!

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