4th Grade Egyptian Tourism Podcasts

        Mrs. Maiurano’s fourth grade classes used their iPads this month to make podcasts using the iMovie app.  As part of a foreign country study, students conducted research to learn about, and then build, Egyptian landmarks.  With partners, they planned and executed the build from recycled materials in the classroom with the help of a few volunteers.  Language Arts was integrated by asking students to write podcasts, as tour guides, explaining the monument and its history to visitors. These podcasts, recorded using the iMovie app (iOS 7 version), will help educate visitors about the monuments and landmarks on presentation day.  The students enjoyed both writing and recording their information to make it interesting and lively.  And, if you have ever asked students to record their writing, you know that it is an incredibly valuable exercise to get them to read closely their own writing – often for the first time.  It is also an amazing way to improve and practice fluency, as students will read and record multiple times to reach a high standard of delivery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click here to hear one student’s sample.  He is presenter #2 at the Abu Simbel Temple.

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