The Fessenden iLab is Open!

The iLab at Fessenden is finally open! Students have been filing in since the first day of school. There are four electives between the Middle and Upper School taught in the new space, while opportunities are available for students in the Lower School to visit with their classes and Mrs. Fogarty. (Stay tuned for details regarding a new after school “Innovation Station” program for LS students…) Boys are also coming in from study halls and help and work each day to work on projects and experiment with the various tools available in the iLab. Teachers have also been trying their hands at the various resources in the iLab and are busy planning various curricular projects utilizing this great new “hackerspace.” We now have multiple 3D printers, many Lego Mindstorm programming kits, a 40 watt laser cutter, 15 Mac Desktops, an assortment of hand-held and power tools, soldering irons, raspberry pi’s, arduino unos, Makey-Makeys, and a beautiful short throw projector which displays on a wall of IdeaPaint. Come check it out!

Be sure to follow @FessyiLab on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.

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