Slum Urbanization Project Challenging Grade 9 Students to Think at Higher Altitudes

Mr. Morrissey’s World History students are well into their slum redesign project!  This week, boys refined their research questions, delivered a “critweak” to their classmates, and continued to consult with other committees. Watch excerpts of some “critweaks” here

On Friday, both classes welcomed Iqbal Dhaliwal, Deputy Director of the Jameel Poverty Action Lab.  Mr. Dhaliwal provided valuable feedback to each committee, as they presented their progress and ideas.

It is inspiring to observe boys questioning, working, creating, collaborating, and pushing each other within the skill-based and content-rich structure Mr. Morrissey provides.  On Thursday, Mr. Morrissey shed a metacognitive light on the boys’ work thus far, introducing them to the concept of thinking at 30,000 feet. Mr. Morrissey is challenging the boys to develop their entrepreneurial sides, encouraging them to ask “Could this work?” with an eye on possibility, rather than becoming mired in “Will this work?” details.

You can view Mr. Morrissey’s explanation of thinking at 30,000 feet here.  You can find video clips of project work from various classes on the World History Topics page on My Fessy.

Students, feel free to review Mr. Dhaliwal’s 30,000 foot presentation here. You’ll find a helpful overview of urbanization and economic issues.

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