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5th Grade Bird Unit Flying Along

Mr. B’s science classes continued in full flipped classroom mode through January and February.  Boys worked in research teams to create a website featuring Fessy campus birds.  Mr. B structured this project in some really neat ways. First, before boys … Continue reading


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Slum Urbanization Project Challenging Grade 9 Students to Think at Higher Altitudes

Mr. Morrissey’s World History students are well into their slum redesign project!  This week, boys refined their research questions, delivered a “critweak” to their classmates, and continued to consult with other committees. Watch excerpts of some “critweaks” here.  On Friday, … Continue reading

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Come to America Colonies Project Culminates with a Battle of the Pitches

Grade 7 History students faced the challenge of researching and advertising an early American colony in order to attract new European settlers. Boys worked in groups to design an ‘Ad Campaign’ designed to convey their message across the Atlantic. Each group … Continue reading

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5th Graders Donating Their Time to Create 3D Printed Tactile Books for Charity

Grade 5 RSS students were recently invited to join a community-based project extension activity, in which they team up to create a 3D printed children book for visually impaired children.  I am thrilled that even thoughthis project is not for class … Continue reading

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Grade 5 Science Students Rolling on the River (Project)

Two source groups wielded a saw and cut their rivers’ paths today!  The day also brought more group collaboration, work group updates, and our first Committee Report session.  During this time, boys presented brief summaries of their progress to their … Continue reading

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Mrs. Bhan’s Grade 8 English Students Rewriting Of Mice and Men, Creating Photo Essays

Students in Mrs. Bhan’s grade 8 English classes have started an exciting new project to conclude their exploration of Of Mice and Men. Inspired by Great Depression photojournalism, this project requires boys to rewrite the ending of the story from … Continue reading

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Grade 5 Science River Design Maker Project Is Underway!

Work groups have been formed, brainstorming has begun!  Mr. B’s grade 5 science classes have started their exploration of the question “Can I design a working, accurate model river?”  Today’s classes had some groups in and out of the iLab … Continue reading

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6th Grade Cross Curricular Project Kicks off with Hands-on Field Trip

On Friday, May 9, sixth grade students enjoyed a day of activities centered around fishing.  This field trip was designed to pique student interest and pave the path to a cross-curricular project focused on human impact on oceans, which will … Continue reading

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5th Grade Science Students Adapting Birds

Fifth grade science students are in the midst of considering “What makes birds survive?” One option boys can elect to explore is a Total Bird Redesign. In this option, boys select a Fessenden feeder bird and relocate it to an … Continue reading

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RSS Class Explores Egypt via EdTech

RSS students explored Egyptian religion more in depth this past week, researching a god or goddess of their choice and using various EdTech options to create a product.  Students used a research template created in Google Docs to gather background … Continue reading

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