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21st Century Skills in Action – in 5th Grade Science, Bird is the Word

Mr. Banister’s Science classes began their bird unit by learning what every solid ornithologist should; how to identify birds via their unique characteristics.  The flipped classroom format meant that specifics memorization took place at home, leaving students valuable time in … Continue reading


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EdTech and PBL in 6th Grade Language Arts

Sixth graders were challenged to explore the problem “How can a picture tell a story?” Boys took photographs on their orientation trip to Crane Beach, and selected one from the group pool they felt embodied their experience that day.  Boys … Continue reading

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Fessy EdTech Round Up

Ninth grade English students played with GoAnimate, creating animated screenplays based on the concept of conflict and resolution. Upper School Spanish students designed graphic novels via Pixton. Upper School English students used Pixton to storyboard a scene from Oedipus Rex.

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Food Web Collaboration in Fifth Grade (Flipped) Science

Fifth grade Science students tackled a food web activity today that was multi-layered. It was designed to first check student understanding of food webs and the concept of interconnectedness, which students explored at home as part of their flipped classroom, … Continue reading

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RSS Classes Imagine and Animate “Hammurabi vs. Mr. Lew” Conversations

The RSS classes were challenged to compare and contrast the Middle School Code of Conduct with Hammurabi’s Code, best known for its “eye for an eye” philosophy. After comparing the codes in a Venn Diagram, boys wrote a dialogue between … Continue reading

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