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Lego Robotics Summer Program @Fessy

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First LEGO League Competition 2013

6th grader Rohan S. recently presented to the Middle School regarding his participation in the 2013 First LEGO League competition.  Congratulations to Rohan and the Lexington LEGO Heads on their impressive victory! 

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Middle School Robotics

Middle School boys are really enjoying the robotics unit in 6th Grade Science. Stay tuned for competition footage coming soon!

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The Finals of the Robot Challenge in 6th Grade Science!

The Robotics Challenge in sixth grade science came to end today with the competitions in both the excavator and race track challenges. The boys did a great job building and programming some very slick robots. The video below features the … Continue reading

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Sending the Robots Around the Test Course

During Help and Work on Friday the boys were feverishly trying to get their robots to successfully navigate the course. The competition begins on Wednesday. As you can see from the video there is plenty of work to be done. … Continue reading

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Four Wheel Drive Robot

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The Space Between: What to do between Thanksgiving and Winter Break

Many teachers struggle with the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break. The challenge and the question persists, What can I get done in a short period of time that students won’t forget when they come back from an extended … Continue reading

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