Makey Makey Music

Upper school students experiment with different ways of creating music with Makey Makey:

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First LEGO League Competition 2013

6th grader Rohan S. recently presented to the Middle School regarding his participation in the 2013 First LEGO League competition. 

Congratulations to Rohan and the Lexington LEGO Heads on their impressive victory! 

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Middle School Robotics

Middle School boys are really enjoying the robotics unit in 6th Grade Science. Stay tuned for competition footage coming soon!

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Growth of 21st Century Electives at Fessenden

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Q.E.D. Spotlight: Prosthetic Finger

Griffin is working hard to put together a programmable prosthetic finger. His Q.E.D. is to eventually create an entire programmable arm, including a hand and five fingers. Griffin’s question is, “Can I create a fully functional robotic arm?” In order to create the whole arm, he is starting small with just one finger. He has printed the various parts of the finger on the 3D printer. He has an Arduino Uno which he will use to program the finger, a servo connected to the various joints for its dexterity, and various 3D printed pieces to complete the finger.


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The Finals of the Robot Challenge in 6th Grade Science!

The Robotics Challenge in sixth grade science came to end today with the competitions in both the excavator and race track challenges. The boys did a great job building and programming some very slick robots. The video below features the class competitions, the Middle School competition, and some blooper action. Enjoy!

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3D Printed Fessenden

The boys in Graphics and Multimedia took on a project this semester where they had to recreate the Fessenden campus using the C.A.D. program Google SketchUp. They did a great job putttin together some of the famous Fessenden landmarks, many of which were printed on the 3D printer. The goal of the project was to recreate the campus for a “virtual tour” for the Admissions website, using Google Earth. The projects are being uploaded now, but there are pictures of the 3D printed buildings below, as well as a walk-thru of Webster House found here.

3D Printed Buildings:

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Bird Nerds!

Mr. Banister (5th Grade Science) is starting 2014 off with a new resolution….to totally flip his classroom.  He has worked hard to have his popular bird unit totally flipped for the boys when they return from Winter Break. The boys will watch various videos about bird adaptations, flight, anatomy and other interesting topics at home for homework. They will then come into the classroom with their new found knowledge and love of birds to work on challenging projects. Mr. Banister has even put together a web camera stationed in the courtyard outside the library to live stream birds at various feeders. The link to the camera can be found here. (The Username: Student Password: bird)Image


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Question. Explore. Demonstrate.

Fessenden started a program called Q.E.D. in 2012 that provides an opportunity for our students to explore innovative learning based on their own passions, interests, and talents. During this endeavor, boys will practice creativity grounded in purpose and the iterative, self-reflective process of design thinking. Q.E.D. emphasizes the importance of students asking questions about real world problems that matter to them, exploring solutions, and then trying, failing, and trying again. Q.E.D. protects, sustains, and cultivates each student’s natural disposition as a lifelong learner.

If you are interested in learning more about the Q.E.D. program at Fessenden, click here.

Eric asked: Is it possible to use the Oculus Rift to create an immersive skydiving simulator?

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Sending the Robots Around the Test Course

During Help and Work on Friday the boys were feverishly trying to get their robots to successfully navigate the course. The competition begins on Wednesday. As you can see from the video there is plenty of work to be done. The robots will be timed around the track for two laps. They can’t touch the red or blue edge, or they will receive a time penalty, fastest time wins.

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